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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

Originally Posted by onlygirl View Post
thank you for the very nice welcome!!!!!
I've been drawn to your postings lately too! You're a smart cookie, ain'tcha?? In all seriousness, you have an awesome way of looking at everything so logically!

Originally Posted by togg_mama View Post
just feed your baby mama. that's all I ask. it doesn't matter how ya do it!

Originally Posted by hippydippymama View Post
I think that would fall under "medical" for me.
Yep yep yep! I was thinking that too - medical - psychological = same thing.

Originally Posted by odentonmom View Post
Hugs to you mama. I am very pro-BFing, but I have FFd in the past as well. Things aren't always cut and dry.
My first was BF until 13 months (when *I* was 18 - go me!), when I couldn't handle the "push" to stop. I was brought up in a family where everyone used formula and they started thinking it was "gross" when Brandon was about 6mos old.... Sucked too, as he was allergic and ended up on soy milk and Lactaid.

My 2nd was only BF for 2 months. I didn't have the support I did with Nate ( Dr. Newman) and we had the worst case of thrush EVAH! The skin on my nipples would (way TMI) literally rip off whenever my bra shifted. The day I took skin off my dh's legs when Evan latched on, dh said that's enough and we put him on Goodstart.

Nate just weaned at Christmastime at 32 months -- he'll be 3 in April. He had formula once while I was at court for one of our foster kids. Erm, I should say dh attempted to give him a bottle.... not that he actually DRANK it. *I* am not the boob nazi, but my ds sure is! He still goes to sleep with his hands up my shirt!

I guess I'm just weird. I don't CARE how anyone else feeds their kids, as long as they're being fed something age appropriate, y'know? No homo milk or Carnation evap. milk in a newborn's bottle --- no Coke in a toddler's sippy cup.... that sort of thing. Apparently I'm just too laid back for drama.... I suck.... I'm boring...

Ash - you're fabulous, you know it!
to my soldier since 1998!
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