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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

I am also a BF advocate, but if someone isn't comfortable with it, it's their choice to not do it. I've been bfing this baby almost 2 years and he's the longest one of my kids. My first two I bf just 2 months.. I really didn't have the support or patience to continue. My 3rd I bf for 6 months until I went back to work.. again, no support, heck I didn't realize I could have kept my supply going by pumping back then so I just dried up and she was on formula. I had a huge support with this one and my LC are AWESOME.. But, I would hope if I didn't want to bf for whatever reason, I wouldn't have people judging me.. Obviously bf is the best for babies, but it's not always best for the mom to go that route... And well, that decision should be respected regardless.
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