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Diaper pail liners - bummis? SPAM please!

I'm in the market for a diaper pail liner. I've heard a lot of good things about Snap-EZ, but then I've seen the Bummies wetbag that costs about 1/2 the price of Snap-EZ.

I just want a fairly cheap, basic, blue-colored medium-sized waterproof pail liner. It'll stay in the pail until I take it down to the washing machine, and once it's dry it'll go right back into the pail again!

Tell me what you recommend, if you use the Bummis bag & what you think of it, etc. WAHMs, feel free to spam me with questions & prices!


ETA: BTW, I'd prefer elastic around the top (which is why I liked the idea of Snap-EZ's). I'm considering just ordering some PUL & making my own, but I'd prefer not to fool with that right now.
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