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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM


I did the peroxide and neosporin (hadn't read the comments yet and didn't think about drying my nipples out). I was really worried that maybe this wasn't a bite at all and that it was just a bad infection. However, when I poured the peroxide on it vividly bubbled on two very distinct perfect little Presley teeth marks! I also noticed, upon closer inspection, that each tooth mark has matching broken blood vessel/blood blister. I think this is what is causing the shooting pain as I'm not exhibiting any other symptoms of infection. I still haven't heard back from the LC. I really hope she's able to come see me so that she can look at my nipple and make a more accurate diagnosis. I'm in so much pain!!!

P.S. After thinking back carefully to the events that lead up to the biting I realized that DD had a bit of a fever that day and seemed to be having some pain in her right ear. I'm pretty sure that her ear was bothering her again that night and I think that is why she bit me.

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