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Re: Post Pictures of your Baby-to-be's Stash!

I said I'd come back, and im a woman of my word

I was too lazy to take them out a take individual pics (dont have that kind of time anymore .lol) but here is the gist of it. A lot was in the wash, and sposies were mostly used till his cord fell off, so that bin is now the prefold bin

Mostly Nana, blueberry,kushie, and dream eaze AIOs. They're also some pockets.

he's got these pf i made for him (im not crazy about pfs , but i thought i should try them before i wrote them off ..those are chinese, but I like the indians better, and will get more eventually)

I'm glad I didn't get too many xs dipes b/c he came out big and is just a chunker! @ 3 weeks, I din't even know how long he'll be in smalls! Now that I have a feel for different types of CD's, I'd like to get some berry plushes, more blueberrys, and nanas. I also like pockets! This diaper stuff is addictive....
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