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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

Poor Mama!

At the end of each nursing session, express a few drops of BM and rub it on your nipple then let it air dry before you put your bra back on. BM will help your nipple heal and will keep it from drying out.

I know how bad that biting can hurt. My ds has 6 teeth now and is working on 2 more and MAN those things are sharp! Whenever he bites me (which I've noticed is generally always when he's emptied a breast and is kinda bored just sucking) I unlatch him, make him sit up and say "NO BITING!" very firmly, and take my index finger and press his bottom lip in on his bottom teeth, not so much it hurts, but just so he understands that his teeth = biting and that it's not good. He usually cries the most pitiful cry when I unlatch him, but after a hug I let him go back to nursing. Three bites and he has to stop for a few minutes, though. We rarely ever get to 3 bites in one session now.

Good luck mama~ That definately does sound like yeast to me with the shooting pain. Eat lots of yogurt or take probiotics and cut your sugar out.

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