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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

If you have a pump and heating pad, put the heating pad on that size for 10 minutes or so and then pump. Will she take the other side..if so, nurse that side while pumping the other.

I ended up with an infection while on vacation. Rather than just visiting the ER, I did the heat compress and pump the entire time. She nursed the "good" side until I got home. Funny part was that by the time I got home, my body had beaten off most of the infection on it's own and didn't need meds. But I can definately remember that pain. It was horrible.

As for biting, I found they usually only do it when teething or when they are done. I never found the shields to work and ended up dealing with the occasional pain when I missed the warning signs of fullness.
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