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What else do I need for my nb stash?

I haven't cd'd a newborn yet so any advice is helpful. I have gotten ideas from other threads but thought I would post what I have (or at least planning on getting...I don't have it all yet) and see what I am missing.

12 infant prefolds
12 preemie prefolds
7 Kissaluv 0's
2 LHC NB fitteds
2 NB Bummis pull on pants
1 NB Gerber cover
2 NB prorap covers
1 sm BSWW
1 sm Gerber cover
1 sm Prorap cover
1 nb longies
1 nb soaker

What about doublers, are those necessary for newborns?

I was thinking of getting some more wool but I don't know if I want to invest in NB wool or get smalls. Any input on that and if so any place you recommend.

Thanks for your input!!
Karen ~ Mommy to twin boys 2/04 and Baby Boy 12/07
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