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Re: CAn a BF baby overeat?

This can be normal- my 7mth old has always done this too. The other 3 did not, so it was new to me. Others told me about reflux, so I took him to the doc & he said it is normal- some babies just do that. Doc says it typically will get worse b/f it gets better- as long as they are not in pain, they are fine.

Mine is almost 8mths, still spits up & still needs burped 1/2 the time.(my others stopped needing burped about 6wks)

Our doc says it usually gets gradually worse until about 8-9 mths when it peaks, then goes away.

Oh mine did the exact same thing at that age too.... it freaked me out when he spit up out his nose! But the inside of their mouth & nose are connected/right against each other at that age, so its not abnormal--- actually VERY normal....

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