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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Signature Guidelines

What Topics belong in Diaper Chatter?

Raffles/Lotteries/Stalking Announcements

Here is instructions on washing and caring for wool

Here is examples of how people wash diapers

Goodmama's FAQ

Comparing Goodmama, Piddle Poddles & Patooshie Pants w/ pics

Boiling Prep for Prefolds Method (with pics)

Trim fit with Prefold

Folds and Pinning Prefolds

Photo Tutorial on the newspaper fold

Putting a prefold on while baby is on tummy

Infant Prefold on 2 year old

Pin and Snappi-free prefold fold

CAUTION - Snappis can cause injuries if you use them coverless!

Pinning and Snapping Prefold

Pinning Tutorial

Video:How to Pin a Diaper

Bikini Twist with Pins

How to fold Flats


Newborn Pics

Snapping a 3SR Mutt

Dying Diapers

Wool Yarn Amounts (when making an item)

How to Measure Wool:

Fixing Elastic on FB

In Regards to Buying/Selling/Trading

Bumping Etiquette

Missing Threads

Free For Shipping


Basic Tips and Safety

Posting Pictures

Hyperlinks (aka "words that you can click")
If you would like to make a hyper-link, you can do this by highlighting your text that you would like to be the word and clicking on the world with the paper-clip looking thing at the top of the posting box, (if you hold your cursor over it, it will say insert link) in the box that pops up, enter in your URL and you now have a one word link. It works the same for images as well.

How to leave feedback for WAHM's
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