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Re: What else do I need for my nb stash?

Originally Posted by myajdw
you are very welcome lol....i sometimes just folded the 8x8 fl/vl ones in half and used them too, but with the 8x4 you can really customize it. just have 2 layers or 6 if you want. it all depends. or you can do a few fl/fl ones and than have cushy one on top of it all. it's really nice and super cheap! why buy a 4 layer doubler for $2 when you can get a fl/sh 8x8 wipe for $1 and fold it in half?
I do the same thing!
Actually, I found some very THICK (and cheap) wipes on HC... I didn't know that they would be that thick, and I just wasn't reaching for them as much as my thinner wipes (since DS barely makes a mess when he poops LOL). I was actually using them for wash cloths often though! Then, I realized they would make great doublers because they are just THAT thick. Here's the links... they're all out of stock right now though, except one girly one. But she restocks often, I believe.

Girly print (fl/vl)
Boyish print (fl/sherpa)
GN print (fl/natural terry)

ETA: I forgot to mention that these are considered "seconds". Basically, just because she's learning how to surge, LOL. But mine had nothing wrong with them!

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