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Help me find a trim and absorbent fitted!

We are a pf + covers family, but i think it would be nice to have a fitted or two available so that when my parents or IL's watch DS they are able to change him easily.

I tried pockets - oh how we tried. FB, Snap-Ez, Drybees. We get leaks with all of them - even when i buy them brand new. We just need a two-layer system.

So what is one or two fitteds that would be good for us? Here is what i'm looking for:

1. Absorbent - DS is a super-soaker
2. Trim - prefolds+covers are not bulky under his clothes, i don't want a bulky fitted
3. Lined in a moisture-wicking material like fleece or suedecloth (i like this feature of a pocket).
4. Not hemp - i have hemp fitteds for night and would like something different for day.

I have an EUC Drybees Medium and VGUC Snap-Ez medium (pilled fleece)
(plus inserts) that i need to get rid of, so if someone has size medium fitteds they would like to trade i would be more than open to it!
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