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Re: Someone please tell me what to do!!! UPDATE AT BOTTOM

As another mother of a biter, I feel your pain. My ds has all 8 front teeth at 12 mos, and boy does he know how to use them!

There have been 3 or 4 times that he has bitten me hard enough that it brought tears to my eyes, both when he did it and for a couple days afterwards. He's given me little blood blisters, and deep shooting pain like you've got a couple times too. I went so far as to go to a LLL meeting where one of the ladies was a LC who offered to see me after the meeting because I was convinced that I had a YI, I was still hurting ALOT 5 days after he bit me once. But it was just a bad bite...

I've noticed that the less distracted we are when nursing, the less likely he is to bite. When we are having problems with biting, I make sure that I don't do anything else while he is eating. I take him off and tell him "No biting Mommy" firmly each time he bites...but honestly, I am doubtful that it does any good - he is only 12 months, and doesn't seem to care - lol. I guess he knows I'm not planning on starving him out!

I second the pp's suggestion about rubbing a little expressed breastmilk on your nipples. That has worked wonders for me - if I do this every time he nurses, I can usually go from tears when nursing to just sore in a day or two. It takes about a week if I don't get bit again to everything to feel normal again, though.

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