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Re: HELP me stop the...

Originally Posted by westend
Thanks, so far we have done the BRAT diet, she HATES juice, so all we drink here is water ans milk, milk we have cut out for now.

I have started with the pepto bismal, just a teaspoon every 45 mins.. Sh eis 18 mths.

Another big mess this morning, I am gonna go get sposies, first time in 8 mths. SIGH

I will check back later THANKS ALOT!!
I'm not sure pepto is such a great idea. If it's children's pepto, it won't help diarrhea, b/c it's just an antacid. If it's grownup pepto, that has an ingredient in it that's in the aspirin family (salicylate), and according to the Pepto site, it isn't recommended for children under 12 anymore.
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