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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

I think the pp's have covered it for you. You can't force a kid to potty train. Some kids are regular enough and compliant enough that if you rush them to the potty certain times of day they will seem potty learned. But it is you who is trained. Other kids if you try that will shut down and develop constipation or pee the second you give up and put the diaper back on. Or they aren't regular enough for you to even guess when they might go. Both of my boys have not been exactly regular. Kearnan because of his special needs didn't potty learn till 5.5yrs. It's a long time to diaper a kid let me tell you. And I was definately ready for it to be over, but I couldn't make him do it. you can't make a kid pee on the toilet. He did when he was ready. For the first two days after he decided he wanted to use the toilet not his pants he needed a timer set for every half hour to remind him to go, but after that he was done. He did need extra work to poo train though. He was actually afraid of the toilet, he always pee'd standing. So we got him a gameboy he could only play sitting on the toilet. With in hours it had worked, and after that he didn't have another problem. He has had maybe 3 night wettings since (usually with my parents, I think they let him drink soda's before bed) and he had a couple of poo accidents when he was really sick but i don't think those really count. He was super easy to train when he was ready.

Tharen decided the day he hit 26 months that he was a big boy and big boy's wear underpants. It has been an interesting experience. It has been almost a month, and for a week he will do so well he has practically no accidents at all (maybe an overnight wetting once, and a poo accident every other day) then this week he is missing more than he is hitting. But he wants to wear underpants, he jsut gets tired of having to stop everything to go potty. He would rather go in his pants and keep playing. So we are back to rewarding each success which we hadn't had to do since the first few days. But he really loves his big boy undies that he can wear in the house if he is successful. So definately the late training was easier, I would rather change a diaper than wash all of my bedding because a child pee'd on it. But I try to follow my kids lead. I dont' want to force him kicking and screaming into diapers when he wants so baddly to be potty learned.
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