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Major Ear Infections- Need herb advice!

OK I know lots of you know a lot about herbal remidies, so I am pulling for everything I have right now.

My almost 2 year old son has had ear infections for a long time. He was born in October 2004, had his first one end of December 2004 it lasted with constant antibiotics until like June of 05. Then it stopped, and started back in October of 05 and lasted until May of 06. Then they stopped and about 4 weeks ago, I took him in the Dr. and they said he had another bad one. We started antibiotics again. They ended 2 weeks ago.

Well...... Last night his ear drum ruptured. . I didn't know it until he showed me. BAD MOMMY! I took him to the Dr. and we are taking antibiotics again. I asked her about herbal and she said that she didn't know of anything to do but toobs.

Idon't want a response like toobs are great blah blah blah... I don't want to do that and I don't want to have my child in pain. He has been tested for milk and different kind of allergies so I have thought about that.

What do you suggest and please be specific. I can't stand to have this happening! PLEASE HELP!

BTW, I still BF him. I don't know if that helps with anything you need to know.

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