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Re: My Butt hurts

Oh thats the worse! I can already feel it starting and I'm only 14 weeks. With the last pregnancy, it got so bad I would literally cry just from trying to roll over at night in bed When I'd go see the OB, after laying back on that table, it took me a good 10 minutes to get myself up moaning and groaning.

Then my OB did something amazing He got the wood end of one of those swabs and pressed a point in my ear (well, not IN my ear..but ykwim lol) - it was instant relief! Maybe see a reflexologist? Maybe they'd show you a trick to do whenever you need it. I never could figure it out on my own after the doc did it...

Oh, and as it gets worse, I get the pain on both sides. But right now I've been feeling it on the left mostly....

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