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Re: Question for non-vaxers

I was just talking to the dr the other day and she said her son's medical records got lost and if she hadn't had a copy of his vaccination record from his medical record at home that they wanted to give him all of his shots all over again (he was going in for Kindergarten boosters). They wouldn't accept just his vaccination card as proof of vaccination. Uh....I don't think so is all I'd have to say if they wanted to do that to my kids but we don't vax anymore (or attend the public schools for that matter) so it's not a big deal to us.

Like everyone else said, the most the public school can make you do is keep your child home in an outbreak. You can't be denied entry to public school period over it. If they could, then they could also say any child with an egg allergy can't come to public school either because egg allergies are a contraindiction for the MMR vaccine.


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