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Re: DD fell, does this look bad?!!!

HUGS mama!
I don't think it looks bad enough for that. If she would have hit her eye, it would have showed up pretty fast. I almost lost my eyesight in my right eye because (ok, everyone laugh) I got hit in the eye with a flute on the last day of band camp, before school started my freshman year in high school. We had to practice twice a day, and it was right after our picnic, and my best friend and I were practicing together informally. Well, our band director said something about how if the flutists wanted to twirl their instruments, they may as well be a majorette. My best friend got mad retelling the story, and swung her flute. (we played softball, and she could hit REALLY hard) Well, I was sitting in the right spot, and the head piece came off and hit me right in the eye! I almost lost my vision, and even after 1 1/2 months, my eye was STILL red about 1/2 way down! (I have blue/gray eyes, so my iris was purple...LOL) I was on lots of meds and blood thinners and missed my first week of my freshman year in high school...
Usually when you get hit on the face, as it's healing the blood will "move south" which can give an apperance of a black eye, but I would say that if you haven't seen any blood in the whites of her acutal eye, then things are ok! She looks pretty good in the pictures!

Anyway, that's JMO, having BTDT! LOL

I hope she feels better soon! I slammed open my front door once, because I was trying to run into the house (it was lightening) and London JUST so happened to be on the OTHER side of it, and I gave her the biggest goose egg I've ever seen! I felt HORRIBLE! But, if it bumps out, that's a GOOD thing, if it doesn't bump out, then it could be bleeding internally...

HUGS mama!

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