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Re: Another Ear infection!

It's not that a set of tubes doesn't work, it's that the ear drum grows and changes and eventually a set falls out. But even though they've changed and grown, the problem might not be outgrown, kwim? So often times another set is needed. My son is on his second set (well, 2.5 because one fell out for some fluke reason within a couple weeks of getting them). Hopefully this is his last set, but I wouldn't be against getting them once more at all. And for all three times, my son's never been put under to get tubes placed in. We do the in-office version and it's over with in less than 10 minutes. And yes, tubes can cause hearing loss as well. It's a catch 22. It really depends on how great the issues with the ears are, and that will vary with every child. I definitely do NOT think tubes are right for every child! But my son had 6 ear infections within his first 8 months of life. When your child is in hysterical pain ALL the time, then yeah... tubes aren't so bad. Same thing happened the second time, an ear infection lasting literally from October 7th until January 3rd, two weeks after he got his second set of tubes. Then he had another as soon as the single tube fell out. He's been fine since having it replaced.

ALSO, for moms who have kids with ear issues, I recently tracked my son's second round of ear infections to the RX Singulair. One of the side effects is ear infections, something no one told me. His issues (at 18 months) started one week after starting Singuliar! So if your babies are on that, END it immediately and see if that helps. I ended Jacks a couple weeks ago when I found out. I'm sure it's one of those, which is worst, allergies or ear infections. But for Jack, it's ear infections hands down.
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