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Re: Another reason why I love cloth

If you had trouble breastfeeding your other two, and want it to work out this time, you should seriously consider locating a lactation consultant prior to having your baby who you can call to help you out with problems. If you don't have the # already, it will be much easier to turn to formula if the going gets rough.

If you can't afford an LC, see if there is a local LLL group - I had one of the leaders who is also an LC offer to do an eval on ds's latch after a meeting because I've developed sore nipples after 8 mos of bfing - not sure if it's thrush or if he's developed a bad latch since his teeth came in (oh, and he bites). Obviously with a 8 mo old who is already a good nurser, I had plenty of time to make contact with LLL, but if I had a newborn who wasnt nursing well, it would have really helped to have a contact or two already.

Even an LC, though, would be a minor expense compared to the cost of buying formula for a year...

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