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Re: Major Ear Infections- Need herb advice!

Originally Posted by greenkmt
Now, I have a question. I asked the Dr. and she said that because of where the infection is, drops wouldn't heal his ears... Is that true? So how many drops to drops do you use to make the GSE solution? How many times per day? ETC... Also, if his ear drum is busted, is it still ok? What books or sites can I go to for holistic medicine? Sorry for all the ?'s
Don't feel bad b/c your son's ear drum ruptured. It's not your fault, it's the body's natural way of dealing with the infection, and it should heal all right. My son's ruptured once while we were in the waiting room at the Dr's office (I was kind of pissed b/c they made us wait a day before working us in). There probably wasn't much you could have done to prevent it, and it probably actually decreased the amount of pain your DS felt after it ruptured b/c it releases the pressure from the fluid buildup. According to my mom, rupturing the eardrum used to be the treatment for an ear infection before antibiotics were available (she had hers lanced when she was a child).

Try googling "ruptured ear drum" for advice. Mostly what I've read is just to try and keep moisture out of it to help healing. I've also read that antibiotics are falling out of favor these days for ear infections b/c the body is capable of fighting off most ear infections on it's own and that prescribing antibiotics just increases the antibiotic resistance problem that's running rampant.

Hope the GSE helps prevent the recurrence. You said DS was tested for allergies...he doesn't have hay fever? As a child most of the ear infections I got were a result of sinus infections often brought on by seasonal allergies, or colds. When I was put on an antihistamine regularly, they stopped.
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