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Re: Major Ear Infections- Need herb advice!

Okay, this is a natural of a thing as you can do....but it sounds insane. Just trust me. I would NEVER tell you do do something that I wouldn't do myself on a child and this won't hurt him.

My Dad is native American and this is his remedy for ear-aches. Note! We did this to my sister at age 2 and she's NEVER had another ear infection or problem of any kind. She had kept an ear infection for a long time before this.

Okay....the remedy....

Get a Bessie Bug and pull their head off and put the blood into that baby's ear. They only have one drop of blood in their whole body, so you will need two bugs to do both.

A bessie bug is a black insect that you can find under wood during the fall/winter months. Sometimes they get into peoples' basements. You might want to call a local extermanator and see if they would know where to get a couple. Exotic pet stores sometimes have them too.

I KNOW this will help him. I've seen it work. Hugs Momma.
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