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Pre-paying the deductible?

I am just wondering if anyone else has/had to pre-pay your insurance deductible for your births? DH and I normally go through our options for coverage in November at open enrollment. For the past 3-4 years, the plan we were with was replaced with a "comparable" company so our original coverage became non-existant.

Now, when I started going to my OB (I got a new one for this pregnancy as I hated the OB's in my town and the hospital I had to go to with Corbin) and found out that I have to prepay for the deductible for the delivery. Granted, if we decide to stay with this insurance and its still available, this is good because we wont have to worry about it after the birth, but this just seems odd to me.

Including my co-pay for my OB visits, I have to pay $132 at each visit for 10 visits, which puts me at my last payment being on my 36 week visit. Right now, that isnt bad, but when I start going every other week (then every week), its really going to put us in a crunch.

Ugh! Sorry this got so long. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had to pre-pay.

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