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Question Is anybody night-weaning?

Just wondering if anybody else out there is working on this! I'm gently and slowly night-weaning my 22 month old; nursing is uncomfortable for me (painful at night) and mostly I just don't want to be tandem nursing at nighttime! LOL

We've been using the PPO (Pantley Pull Off, if you haven't read The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Preschoolers, I highly recommend it!) for about two weeks now and he's down to 2 night nursings (was probably 4-6 before); they're brief and he doesn't fall back to sleep at the breast anymore, I tell him "time to let go" and he does and rolls over, goes back to sleep.

I think we'll continue working on decreasing the number of nursings for another couple weeks, then I think he'll start to transition into spending more of the night cosleeping with his brother instead of me. He starts the night there now and joins us around midnight.

My goal is for him to be nightweaned and spending most or all of the night in the sibling bed by September...we're due in Nov, so that should give him enough time that he doesn't feel he was booted from our bed for the baby, kwim? Plus, I'll have more room in OUR bed for my belly!

Oh, we're still nursing during the day, probably 2-3x, pretty briefly...normally before naptime and bedtime, one other "pit-stop fueling session" sometime during the afternoon.

So that's our story/plan...what about you? Anybody else going through this? We can be a support thread...
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