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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

Originally Posted by xois View Post
if we want to increase the number of women who breastfeed until 1 and beyond, we need

1. REAL education and support by hospital/birthing staff
2. REAL support once they get home with their LO (at least 5 home LC visits)
3. REAL maternity leave -- 12 weeks unpaid from FMLA is a f***ing joke. At least 6 months paid, better a year.
4. REAL family values (none of this make believe "we are anti aborition therefore family values shi* that politicans like to sling) that supports women or men staying home to raise their families...split shifts, job sharing etc...lets take the BEST of what other countries do and use it here...they have already proven it WORKS!

until we move in this direction...and frankly we MUST do this or our country is going to fall further behind (not for BFing specifically,b ut other reason as well) we will get no where


and we need to get rid of the free "gift " bags in the hospital.
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