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My almost 5yr old (friday) dd has ADHD, she was officially diagnosed last July. I knew something was going on with her by the time she was 2-2.5, my dh also has ADD & so do many in his family. Anyway, for school last year she was on medication, this december she got wrap around services as well during Head Start. She has really progressed in the last 10mos. with a combination of the medications & therapy. My 7.5yr old does not have ADHD & I obviously dont know about the baby yet, LOL. Personally I wouldnt stand for anyone to mistreat my daughter. The year before she was diagnosed & her first year of HS, her teachers were always talking about how "bad" she was & even held her in her chair during lunch once! I immediately went right to the director of the program & told her what I thought if it & that it better never happen again. The one thing to remember is that you will find a "treatment" that will work great, but it may not be a cure-all. After a few months or years, your child can adapt to or outgrow what is being used & you will have to reevaluate & try new things. It can be very frustrating so be sure to have a Dr that will listen to your concerns & actually act on them. IF you ahve any questions you can PM me, I am a Social Worker (when not a SAHM) & I was previously employed as a therapist for children with ADHD & autism spectrum disorders.
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