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Re: Pre-paying the deductible?

A lot of OB do this so that they are paid before the child is born, I guess they make you pay ahead of time so that you don't bail on payments once your child is born. I had to prepay my deductable as well. MY Dr office figured my deductible wrong and I ended up paying too much, but they did refund my money once the insurance claims all went through. I didn't think I would ever see that money again, I have never heard of a DR giving a refund, LOL. But they were really good about it because I sent them proof of what I was supposed to pay and what I actually paid. Maybe you can pay a little extra at the begining so that when you get to the point that you are going more frequently your payments will be less, and a little bit more manageable. Or try to determine how much you would have to pay per month, instead of per visit, it will make the payments larger, but fewer of them if that makes sense. It does seem like you are paying a lot, but I don't know where you are, and I know rates vary from areas of the country, as well as your insurance. Good luck
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