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Re: Pre-paying the deductible?

I had to prepay everything that my insurance wasn't going to cover - for us that was deductible + 20%...we also have a max (like 1600 or something) so I knew I wasn't going to have to pay more than that total...

One thing I can not say enough good things about is a Pre-tax spending account (PSA) that you can get through your employer...we put A LOT of money into ours (almost $100 a paycheck) and it pays out for any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance - well baby visits, co-pays, Rx co-pays, eye doctor, dentist, lab work, etc, has helped us so much - we never see the money in DH's check, and we get the pre-tax amount, which is nice...our PSA automatically cuts checks once a month for any Doctor expenses (usually just co-pays, etc for us) because it is the same company as our insurance co, we have to send in a form for anything else. It will even pay out on future money...for example, if in January, DH has only put in $200, but we have a $775 bill, it will cut us the check for the $775. SO, it is sort of like a self-reimbursing credit line, if that makes any sense. It has kept us going lots of times!!
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