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Unhappy Sick baby...please help!

My six month old DD has been sick for a while now, like over a month. I took her to the ped a couple of weeks ago because of runny stuffy nose, a bit of drainage coming out of one ear, pulling on ears, fussy, rattling in her chest with a cough (she had this cough for a couple of weeks before I took her to the doctor and had just gotten the rattley chest so I thought I needed to take her in). It turns out she had an ear infection so she was put on Ammoxicillin for 7 days and also has a cough syrup called H-C Tussive Syrup (subsituted for histussin HC Syrup)--this is supposed to help with the cough and runny and stuffy nose. She has been off the antibiotics now for close to two weeks but still is fussy, has a cough at times with the rattleyness (not as much though), runny and stuffy nose. The cough syrup helps clear her up so she can breath and it helps her sleep, but do you think I should take her back to the peds or wait it out a bit longer? Is it possible for her to have allergies this young? Has anyone out there ever had their baby be sick for so long? She is exclusively breastfed on demand and has not had solids yet. She acts pretty happy when she isn't runny and stuffy. I just hate having to give her the cough syrup this long (it has a mild narcotic in it). Sometimes when she coughs I can feel the junk in her lungs--poor baby... Any ideas would be great...thank you mommas...
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