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Re: I've decided to get a new doc

LOL! You know what's funny? I called the new place today, and she asked if I ws pg, and I said I was, and she asked how far along, and I said "i think about 7w2d, but I'm not sure" and she said "have you had any bleeding or cramping" and I said 'yes" (because, I HAVE in the past, LOL, not yesterday or today, I don't think.....(for the cramping) ) and she told me I needed to go to the ER ASAP! I could call them back after going to the ER, but that she wanted me to go to the ER!

Well, LOL! I'm not going to the ER. So I just went online, and filled out the appointment request form, and put that i'm 7 weeks with red and brown spotting, no cramping, and that I had an u/s at 6w3d that showed me to be 5w3d and only 1 HCG draw which showed me at 1145, and that was 2 weeks ago. LOL

So now i'm waiting for them to call me back, to set up my appointment. I requested an appointment for tomorrow! LOL! we'll see what they say. I already feel like I got MORE information from the receptionist who encouraged me to go to the ER than I did from my Doc/Nurse! LOL!

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