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Re: How do I know which kitchenaid stand mixer to get?

Originally Posted by trastull View Post
Mom2fussy has great information!!!

I got the Pro 6 because I wanted to know that it wasn't going to bog down when I made bread. I make my homemade noodle dough, cookie dough, bread, cakes etc...

I definantly wouldn't trade it for a lower model... I know that whatever I ask it to do it will do.

I bought most of the attachments. Still need the noodle press, & grain grinder but will get those in time...

I don't mind the lift up bowl feature... I think most people don't like it because it is a little more work to get your ingredients in than a tilt.
Yep same here. If you want to make bread or any thicker dough you don't want a tilt becaus it will jump and walk all over the counter.

I love mine and could even use a bit bigger bowl than the one I have.
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