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bed rails or suggestions?

I've been afraid of this happening since the first time i put him in my bed and i'm feeling like a dumb parent today !!! I have a Cal king bed, it's probably a good 4 feet from the top of my matress to the floor and i keep pillows on the floor on my side of the bed in case my son just happens to roll of the bed. I tried to use the crib as a bedrail but because our frame was made by my bf there is a gap that is even too big for pillows. Sooooo as usuall my son woke up today and i popped a boob in his mouth and went back to sleep....i don't know if he went back to sleep or what time it was when i started to nurse him but i was woken up by a BANG...and a screaming baby (i feel so awful) he had to have rolled or wigged his lil but 4 ft or so to get to the other side of the bed and fall off! He is ok, has a knot on his forhead though. I was wondering if any of you use bed rails and could suggest a good brand? I'm tempted to go put my matress directly on the floor because i know he won't tolerate his crib (though he actually slept about 5 hours in it last night but he was asleep when i put him in it). Any other suggestions? Daddy goes to work between 3am and 5am so him being between us in the morning isn't an option.
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