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I bought a bunch of Little Lambs stuff from "Little Lambs" on took FOREVER to get THEN she SENT ME THE WRONG STUFF & SOME THINGS i STILL HAVE NOT EVEN GOT!!!!! She banned me from being able to contact her after I asked when my items would really ship- she kept promising theyd ship and then wouldnt, promising theyd ship and they woouldnt, etc...

THEN the dipes I actually got, were supposed to be OS up to 35lbs and dont fit out skinny 24lb boy! They are tiny! AND they wick badly throughout the ENTIRE COVER-everywhere. Then, she sent me the wrong colors, only 1/2 my order and even some of the the wrong items. But, like I said, she blocked me on Ebay after asking for a delivery confirmation so I could track where my package was that supposed mailed early April.... (It got here and showed a ship date of 5/5!!!!!) And she wont return any of my emails... I have already won one Paypal complaint and all others are pending...

I just want this all to be over. I was originally planning on buying another 20 dipes for my boys + soakers, liners, etc, but decided after buying 8 OS dipes, 10 soakers, and 10 liners, that I should probably slow down and wait and make sure they worked....I am glad I stopped. The hemp stuff that I actually did get does work....

OH & for the record: the LL dipes I bought from a DS mom do not leak & work great too. Actually those came with white liners that work a lot better than the hemp, I dont what it is though. And she (DS mom)said they were "size 1" but they are the same size-if not alittle bigger than the ones I got from little lambs herself, making me wonder if LL sent me the wrong size as well.

I got what should have FINALLY been my last pkg was supposed to be 2 OS sage dipes & 2 OS burgandy dipes...I got one girly lavendar one & 2 burgandys...and they look even smaller than the others ones...
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