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Unhappy Re: SICK & TIRED of...

Yeah, I saw she has several neg's now- when I first started bidding she only had a couple and she had replied to those saying they were lieing and had proof, etc..... I also saw where if someone leaves Neg FB on her she leaves meg FB FULL of advertisement for her business on that person- which is supposed to be an Ebay violation. I have years of 100% positive FB and was afraid to mess it up by leaving neg FB, but after todays pkg, I decided it was worth it now... I just cant understand how someone could be like that... I heard from someone that maybe her business grew faster than she could handle BUT then why does she keep listing more and more daily on Ebay? You'd think she would take a break, make sure everyone who has already bought is taken care of, then maybe create some stock, and sell them at weekly instead or daily so she could be working on them and the auctions are running. That would make sense right? And the "ships within 6 business days" that she has listed is just's been atleast 3weeks b/f she ships them- even her + FB states that...
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