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Re: tell me about your convertible car seat

The Eddie bauer seats only harness to 40lbs in the united states, then it has to be used in booster mode.. I had to jump in to say that, I'm a car seat tech. The seats mentioned so far are all good seats. The britax seats will definately last you till your baby is ready for a booster seat. The Alpha omega, eddie bauer, and titan all have harness slots that are about 3 inches shorter then the Britax marathon/boulivard/decathalon. So, you will most likely have to buy another seat before your baby is ready for a booster (around 4-5 years old) as they are outgrown by height very quickly. Some people have no problem buying a convertible seat now (non-britax) and when it is outgrown in 2-3 years they buy a combination seat that becomes a booster. In the end, you spend the same amount as Britax, but the money is spread out. All seats pass the same tests to be able to be sold in the united states, Britax just does additional tests and has features that make us tech's feel they offer more protection.
The alpha omega looks like the harness heights are taller, but you can't use the tallest slot in harness mode, it is only for booster mode... So it is actually a very short seat. Racenzanesmom is also a tech on this board.. We are always happy to answer any car seat questions.
Eddited to add, my 28 mo son Jaden is rearfacing in his Britax Marathon. He is 27 lbs and 33 3/4 inches. He is getting very close to outgrowing his other seat and Evenflo Triumph, but is doing ok height wise in his babysitter's seat, a cosco scenara. He rearfaces in all these seats.
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