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Re: Sick baby...please help!

my friends 3rd kid was snotty and coughed for his first 2 years. They even tested him for cystic fibrosis. He outgrew it and is 5.5 and just fine.
Have you tried a chiropractor?
I don't do cough meds/ Our asthma/allergy doc says not to. She says humidify the air, steamy bathroom for a bad cough, lots of fluids. A teaspoon of warm water will help rinse the throat and loosen things. you can thump her chest to break up the rattles, like burping but with a cupped hand and a bit harder. Do it while she lays on your lap with her head a bit lower so the gook comes out. Babies are lousy at coughing and tend to sound worse than bigger kids. ((hugs))
Kim, mom of 5
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