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Re: MMR question for vaxers and non

Originally Posted by bsydprmkn
i have no advice on the vaccine, but i did have to comment on sesame though. ds was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when he was a couple months old, he was tested because of his eczema. no i was not feeding him food, they just wanted to see why his eczema was so bad. anyways, they told me to stear clear of sesame because people with peanut allergies are more often than not allergic to sesame the same way. did they test dd for peanuts??????

Yes, she was tested for peanuts because my dh is allergic to peanuts (and tree nuts and fish). She was negative for all those but her allergist doesn't want her to try peanuts until she is at least 3 yo. I also stay away from all her allergens and peanuts because I'm still nursing her. Sorry about your ds's allergy, I know through dh how hard it is!
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