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Re: Sick baby...please help!

My ds was sick for 4 months solid this past winter, starting when he was 3 mos old. He had RSV, then cold after cold, and never did get over the bronchiolitis that the RSV caused. But it was all viral, no anti-biotics were needed (well, ok, they gave him a prescription once because the lungs were sounding crackly, not just gunky, which apparently can indicate bacteria, but they didn't help, so I am not convinced that he needed them, and then we had 2 months of yeast rashes because he had them).

Babies can get pretty gunky lungs from viruses. We never used a cough supressent - if they aren't coughing, they are not going to be able to clear out the funk. DS slept elevated for months, we took him into a steamy bathroom before every nap and bedtime, slept with a humidifier...the works. Eventually, he got over it. But it wasn't fun.

If they gave you the antibiotics for the ear infection, and his ears seem better, there would be no reason to continue it longer just because the cold/flu (viral) symtoms were still hanging on.

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