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Re: how do you teach a baby no?

Originally Posted by ewebabymama
I make my voice firm and different than my regular voice. I don't yell at her, but I make my voice a bit deeper and say "Kiersten, no." I don't tell her no very often, it's only for things like trying to play with outlets because there are a few outlets in the living room that we use, so I can't cover them up. Babies catch on quickly, I find that just saying the baby's name in a firm voice gets them to stop what they are doing better than saying no.
Same here. I only use the word NO is it is serious business, and I redirect, redirect, redirect... It takes time, but they do catch on eventually.

I have a 14 yr DD and a 12 yr DS and never had to touch them (other than to move them) to teach them "no" and they learned boundaries and right from wrong and are very well-behaved children!

It is frustrating, but they really learn through repetition
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