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Re: Ok Canadians - teach me your shipping secrets!

First off, get some of those poly mailers for free by getting a VentureOne card through Canada Post. Once you have that business card thing, you can log onto their website and input your info and order an "ebay pack" for free. This includes the free polymailers. Yay!

Next, I highly recommend getting a scale. I ordered one from ebay. It cost me about $25 shipped and everything. It was worth every penny.

Now you can weigh and measure your stuff and price it accordingly. I print my shipping labels right through paypal.

IF I can get it under 2cms (and that is RARE), it will cost $2 or $4 to ship to the US. If it's over 2cms, but still "light", it will cost $5.05. If it's heavier, it's $7.20. Only a big lot cost $10.40...that's over 1kg I think.

As a general rule, I keep in my mind that MOST diapers will cost me $5 to I figure that into my price that I'm charging. I offer discounts for people buying more than one diaper too since often I can ship 2 diapers for the $5.

Anyways, I don't think there is any real tricks other than knowing your prices.

Oh to ship within Canada is NASTY. You can figure about $10 to ship even one diaper unless you can fit it as lettermail (under 2cms). Your cheapest method in Canada is often to buy a Prepaid envelope (ONLY IF you're shipping Regional will this be cheaper). The prepaid envelopes are $7 something I think within your region. If you are shipping clear across Canada, don't buy the envelope, ship it'll cost you about $10.

Make the site your friend and really get to know your sucks that they're so high, but I like knowing what I'm going to pay at least. It makes it easier to price my diapers too.
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