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Re: Ok Canadians - teach me your shipping secrets!

Unfortunately there aren't many shipping secrets to give, it is just darn expensive
The only thing that is halfway reasonable is when it is super light and less than 2 cm so it can go light packet international...$2 to $4 like pp have said. IME that only pertains to say 1 or 2 pocket diapers (no inserts), a cover, a wool soaker or pair a of shorties.
Also if you're shipping a number of things, or a slightly heavier item to the US it's not so bad. I've mailed a few baby carriers and wraps for around $10 but they are worth quite a bit more than most diapers so the shipping doesn't hurt so much.

Shipping within Canada is even worse, so I don't even bother usually. Unfortunately this discourages me from buying from Canadian WAHM's sometimes because there is no way I'm going to pay $10 shipping for one diaper! So if I do, I make sure I buy things in multiples.

What I do with FS stuff usually is:
1) Try to sell it locally first. This works well with well known diapers, but not so well with my Hyena diapers since no one here knows what they are
2) Ship from the US since my inlaws live down there and I save all my FS stuff until we go to visit!
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