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Angry Re: SICK & TIRED of...

OMGoodness!!!!! She replied to Ebay complaint IMMEDIATELY-said "complaint is unfounded-items were just as stated in auction" it was probably some sort of instant reply... Ebay says since it was under $25 I cant file a full compliant---THATS NOT FAIR b/c it was like $23 PER AUCTION so it is WAY OVER $100 total!!!! She has not left Neg FB on me but I am sure she will, especially after I replied saying that she better believe I am going to go to every diaper site I can find and leave NEG FB if I dont get a full refund for ALLLLLLL the items I never even got and the rest that are defective...

I am stuck now b/c I wasted my $$ with her - $$ we didnt have anyway, now I have NO $$ to buy diapers that will actually work...I mean, I have dipes I bought from moms on here and fitteds I bought on Ebay-but shes on here too-but they are all way to small for out toddler (26lbs) so now he is now disposables. The only way he's not running around nude is b/c our local preg center gave us some...
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