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Re: for mamas who take their babies to well child appointments.

I go to well baby and I am VERY glad we do. At her last visit my DD's ped found something wrong with her eye. We went to an eye specialist and we found out that she is more far sighted in one eye than the other which could cause lazy eye. If lazy eye isn't taken care of it could cause problems (specifically permanantly reduced vision), so she is going to be watched close to make sure her vision stays good. (and lazy eye can typically NOT be detected by a regular person and many times can only be diagnosed by a pediatric opthalmologist, so it's very important to me we keep on top of getting her vision checked)

We kinda vax on schedule. DD was vaxed at her 3 and 6 month well baby checks and she got a fever and felt miserable. So now, we are only doing one shot at a time with at least one month in between, probably more.
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