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Re: for mamas who take their babies to well child appointments.

Originally Posted by jenn5388
You know, my mother was told I was going to go blind within a couple years if i didn't have mine fixed, I was a small child then.. My mother didn't have the surgery.. and I have perfect Eyesight.

I'd be researching anything they might suggest for treatment.

I've never had problems telling when someone has lazy eye or not. Mine is Very slight, and i've had people ask me if I knew I had it. LOL
Miranda has a slight case herself, although it's never been Diagnosed. Well, besides anyone but myself. lol

All very interesting, Tahnks for dsharing Mama's.
My 8 yo daughter started showing signs of lazy eye when she startged kindergarten, mostly in the evenings, so we took her to the opth. and sure enough, she is VERY farsighted! But, with the glasses, she no longer gets the lazy eye AT ALL. She has been in glasses since then, and has had a rough time with reading, but is improving, thankfully.
Now, her younger sister, now 4, was looking at things sideways at age 2, so we took her in, same problem! She just hadn't advanced to the lazy eye problem YET.
WE will certainly be erring on the safe side of visual difficulties here
Our youngest has seen the ped. opth. already, and she is 8 months, so far, no visual prob.s, but will continue with regular checkups...
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