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Re: My Ped is Crazy!

Just joining the drop the ped and run far far away band wagon.

Most illnesses don't require the treatment of a dr. anyways. Colds, flu's, misc viruses - really the only time a dr. is needed is if baby is in a lot of pain that you can't help comfort, or something like allergic reaction/breathing difficulties etc.

Your best bet is to give probiotics (acidophillus,) every day. (Kids chewables are available or you can just use powdered ones and mix it into whatever - or just dip the tip of your finger in the powder and let your little one suck it off.)

Healthy food, limit sugar, if you do give juice water it down. (My dd's dentist says zero juice and she was 3yrs old last time she saw him...)

Kids get sick, but their bodies can handle it and they come out stronger in the end. As long as they're not dehydrated or having troubles breathing or bleeding a bunch, chances are they don't need to be seen by the dr. You don't really need a dr. to tell you your child is healthy if you already know it. And most illnesses a dr. can't do anything about anyways.

And remember, just because a dr. prescribes antibiotics doesn't mean you have to use them. Any dr. who gives different care to a child because they aren't vaccinated is putting them at risk. It means she's operating under the assumption that since he's not vaccinated, surely he has a vaccine preventable disease and she better medicate him to the max. But she's not taking into account the fact that all those medications can harm him when he's likely got nothing more than a virus...

Do you have family doc's in town? There's nothing saying you have to take your little one to a ped. You could always just see a family dr.
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