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Re: Packed Lunches

We have just started using laptop lunchboxes and it has really helped our lunch variations.

DD is very picky and won't eat sandwiches unless they are grilled cheeses.

She does like tortilla shells spread with peanut butter and fresh fruit (apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, etc). I fold one in half and cut it into triangles for her lunch.

I also use tiny cookie cutters A LOT for her. She might not eat a few chunks of cheese, but if I cut them into shapes, she eats them everytime. LOL

So I buy a variety of block cheeses on sale, then slice them with a cheese slicer and and then use the tiny cookie cutters to cut them into shapes. Sometimes I freeze them, sometimes I just cut them fresh each day. Her favorites are cheddar, swiss and mozzerella.

She also loves green peppers cut into shapes.

Cucumber slices and celery w/ peanut butter (on the side for dipping) are favorites too.

I make homemade bread about once a week and I slice it and use the cutters to make little shapes of bread. She eats this with her cheese shapes. If I see our bread isn't going to be eaten in a day or two, then I slice it and cut it into shapes and put it in the freezer and just toss some in her lunch each day. It thaws before she eats lunch.

Nuts are another favorite for her...pistachios especially. I shell them the night before and put them in her lunchbox for morning.

Fresh fruits are a favorite...cantaloupe, mango, grapes, berries, etc.

Dry cereal mix (kix, cheerios, crispix, etc) is a good filler too.

Pickles and olives are a staple for her too. She also loves Doritos, so I put those in a tiny compartment each day. She gets about 5 Doritos each day. She is happy though and never asks to buy them at the snack counter at school for 50 cents. LOL

Oh, we do buy fruit snacks and she takes them occasionally too.

I make pudding homemade and put that in her lunch sometimes, but they have a very limited time to eat and that takes a little longer than the finger foods, so I don't send it often.

I usually send one sweet treat each day. Usually a cookie or a piece of candy. We bake treats once or twice a week and she takes those usually, or we'll buy a bag of candy at the store once a month or so and she just takes one of those each day instead. We rarely buy the candy though, we usually use her leftover holiday candy.

The laptop lunchbox (bento box) is a great system. The compartments are small and she's not overwhelmed buy the big sandwich bowl and missing things in the closed Tupperware snack bowls. The laptop box opens up to show all her food and there is only a lid or two (usually just over the peanut butter)...the rest is open (fits tight to the box when closed). She opens it up and is excited about all the food she sees. She actually told me that. LOL

Anyway, not trying to sell you one, just wanted to say that it really helped my picky dd with her eating habits.
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