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Re: for mamas who take their babies to well child appointments.

We go to well visits on schedule. Medicaid pays for them, so its no big deal to me. I do however, skip my post NICU well visits altogether. He was in the NICU because he was born addicted to methadone, and since its widely known and accepted that it causes no lasting effects I don't see any reason to take him to those. They're a standard procedure mainly put in place for the preemies and babies with serious health problems, (who make up most of the NICU) and since my ped says he's doing great anyways I don't see any reason to subject ourselves to the crummy attitudes of the people working there who think I'm a crappy mom. (because of the methadone thing) Wow, that was a long run-on sentence.

I got off topic a little there.

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