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Re: My Ped is Crazy!

“so she prescribed him antibiotics for his cold along with breathing treatments and cough medicine”

I’m sorry I have to address this!! This is BAD BAD medicine!!!!

1-Drs DO NOT give out antibiotics unless it’s an infection. Over using them causes immunities. Not to mention using them when they’re not needed causes bad reactions.

2-Breating treatments should ONLY be used if there is trouble with breathing. This means labored and rattley. Using it when it’s not needed causes the heart to race!! It causes jitters and worse.

3- Any Dr worth their weight in beans has read all the newest studies proving that cold meds do nothing for children. And know that our use and our dosing are causes of illness and ER visits. Juice---also in the Pediatric journals it says to wait till 6mn for solids and that juice isn’t necessary at all but should wait till at least 9mn. That BM or formula should be the main diet till over 1yo, at least 32oz/day.

You really need to find a different Pedi. I know the Drs in my town SUCK! So I drive an hr to decent ones several towns away.

For colds and congestion I have found that NOTHING works better and faster that Pulsatilla. It’s a homeopathic med. I get it in tinny round pill form that comes in a little blue vile. It taste like sugar or candy and my kids LOVE it. I’ve found it at major grocery chains in their health/natural foods isle.
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