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Re: My Ped is Crazy!

my kids ped insisted that all of them be on asthma inhalers every single day. i did it for a year and then stopped to see how they did. they only had issues if and when they got sick. so i took them in one time when they were sick and got yelled at by him for not staying on the meds. i told him i had had asthma since i was a kid and did have some idea how to manage it. not good enough, i was a bad mom for not shoving meds on my kids everyday. they really didnt need them. i wasnt bieng anti med. they just didnt need them every single day. i wanted to put them on seasonally, nope not good enough, i am still a bad mom. whatever time to move on. if your ped is doing things you dont agree with and then putting you down for not agreeing or falling in line, move on. i found a great family doc the next town over, its a much longer drive but well worth it for a doc who is keeping up on things and wants to respect how i parent.
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